October Obsessions

Despite what’s been almost a complete year since my last post (don’t ask), I’m glad to announce that the boot – or red sued training shoe, to be precise – of this buccaneering bibliophile is well and truly betwixt the door frame of the blogosphere and the front end of a Gender Studies masters course (all in good time, all in good time).

I won’t and can’t attempt to justify the inordinate amount of time I’ve taken away from my blog (don’t worry, I didn’t completely neglect it. I was always lurking). So, instead I’m going to share with ye, the good awld faithful of the blogging crowd (chortle chortle), a few of my latest obsessions and inspirations – both literary and musical. A brief post, but hopefully the first of many more between now and the new year (so long as I can keep afloat with my MA, that is *nervous laugh*). Who knows? I may even add a few more extra bezzies for you to check out in the coming days and weeks.

2_rbasho_cragmont_park connie-guitar

Robbie Basho & Connie Converse


Zach de la Rocha & Jon Theodore, aka One Day As A Lion


Mark Sandman of Morphine


James Baldwin


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