6 Crucial Reasons to Speak Up from Audre Lorde

Wonder Sonder

audre_lorde-1One of the most important speeches that I have read about creative processes was delivered by Audre Lorde, American poet and writer extraordinaire. At the Modern Language Association’s “Lesbian and Literature Panel,” in Chicago on December 28, 1977, Lorde spoke at length about the repercussions of silencing our inner voices, instead of embracing our unique personal experiences, as a crucial deterrent to silencing the creative voices necessary to engender producing positive knowledge and understanding the world around us.

The speech was later published in Sinister Wisdom 6 (1978) and The Cancer Journals (Spinsters, Ink, San Francisco, 1980). There are several key lessons about perseverance that we can take away about the act of speaking about things that affect us. We can take away many crucial lessons about voice from Lorde.

1. Making mistakes doesn’t detract from the power of speech to profit you:

I have come to believe over and over again that what…

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